I am so very thankful to the companies who support me and keep me going!


Running Shoes

I run exclusively in Skora Running shoes. I have given a few reviews here in the blog and in my gear page, but I am very happy to chat about what shoes might work for you! And really… They have the best customer service – so you should talk to them as well!


Hydration Packs

om_vertical_colorI use Orange Mud hydration vests and packs exclusively. For long runs, I use anm Endurance Vest or Double Barrel. For shorts runs, I use a handheld. I have done multiple reviews of all their products, so please check them out! (And friends should contact me for insider info!)

Hydration + Nutrition

nuunI love Nuun tabs, not just for training, but for sipping on in the office. Keeps me from drinking so much soda. My favorite flavor is watermelon, which is now offered year-round!! Yay!

I am not a gel kinda girl. I love the Honey Stinger waffles and energy chews! Favorites are cherry blossom and pink lemonade. I am gluten-free, so the caramel waffles are amazeballs!

Competition Team


For 2017, I am extremely proud to be racing for Coeur Sports. Coeur’s mission is to make the best looking, best fitting, most functional and most comfortable women’s endurance sports clothing in the marketplace. With clean, sophisticated lines, the aesthetic is East Coast Preppy meets West Coast chill. And they make all of clothes here in downtown Los Angeles. Made in the USA! Woot!

Additional Coeur Sponsors

Coeur Sports has partnered with many wonderful sponsors to keep our team swimming, biking, and running with the best of them!



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